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Torsion Waves is back with the 7th edition.


This one will be new. I have been working under the artist name Enlin for quite some time now and a lot changed and so did I. Feeling the need to take off the Enlin casing and let something new emerge, I thought a lot about artist names. The one popping up from time to time was “Bouhemian” and it’s the one I find the most interesting. It’s a mixture of “Bou” the beginning of my family name (Boumeziout) meaning father in Arabic and “Bohemian” which could be interpreted as  “unconventional”, “free-spirited” and “off-beat”. I don’t know if this is something good or bad but i see myself in it.

Torsion Waves returns

I will play a stream on the 7th of February under the name of Torsion Waves. I believe the Torsion Wave mixes where the most honest and heartfelt mixes i’ve made during the last couple of years. This series always gave me room to explore the more special records i didn’t use to play when i was traveling.

Here’s the link to the stream:

I have been working and learning a lot in the studio and i have to make a few shout outs. Firstly Sebastian Mullaert which is a great well of inspiration and help to me. Secondly Daniel[i] who opened up a gate for me and helped me to get better at expressing myself. Shout out number 3 goes to my brother Kosme for being the weird and lovely animal you are.

Productions coming out of the Inspiration Studio

Since I’ve been in lock-down as everybody else I took the opportunity and produce music as often as i could. Some of the tracks I’m quite happy with and I’m finally ready to put some of them out into the world. I will start with an EP of 3 tracks and make them available on Soundcloud, Youtube and Bandcamp soon. They are what they are and i love them and if i find one person who likes them as well… It’ll be a win. 🙂

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