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Hey guys I’m back :-)

Hello People of the electronic music production world. Yes, I took a little time off because i wanted to focus on my productions. I have to say that i learned a lot of new techniques and most importantly that i don’t need a ton of plugins. Finally i found out which my go-to plugins were and did find a lot of pleasure really learning each of them much more in depth .

What do i use for electronic music production anyway?

I love Ableton Live since version 4 and am now one of the many beta testers for their software. Now we’re at version 10.1. and electronic music production is getting and with better i mean easier. Sometimes it’s tricky to beta test though since every settings i’ve made are shaken up completely. I got a hold of it now and usually it takes me only a couple of minutes to get adjustments right again. I love the different ways i can arrange my tracks. The clip view makes it easy to create the building blocks (i.e. loops) for the track and the arrangement view makes it easy to put everything timely into perspective and tell the story.

To get a more hands on feeling i use Ableton’s Push 2 (although i didn’t get to the point yet where i do everything with it and i might only use 20% of it’s potential.

Of course i also own some hardware synths (Korg Minilogue, MAM MB33, Moog Minitaur) and a drum machine (Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1) and i use them frequently. Hardware is fun because you can manipulate the sounds on the fly while recording. This makes my production work flow also easier to express myself since i can translate a feeling through my movements.

I think i’m going to make a blog post later to explain how i produce and what my work flow looks like.

What’s on my mind for the future?

I’m learning to code in C++ because i would like to transition my tracks to a sound object based electronic music production. “What the hell is that?” you might ask… let me try to make this short. Basically it’s the next logical step after stereo and it will provide the possibility to get audio as an audible object into a third dimension. The plan is to build my own player/mixer/amplifier/speaker setup and my goal is to make sounds fly around in space like in a cinema dolby system.

I leave you with a mix i made a while ago. It is however different from what i usually play…



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