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Dj Enlin at Chamonix Unlimited Festival 2019 (a love story)

Michelle (my girlfriend) and i went together to the Chamonix Unlimited Festival last week and we had a blast. We arrived on the second day of the Festival. First party we went to was 2 Many Dj’s ( at the Hotel Folie Douce in Chamonix. Backstage we bumped into Asa Moto ( and had a great time with them (although they told me that pretty much every Club from Belgium i played in during the 90’s was closed 🙁 ). We listened to the Dewaele brothers and had a blast. Unfortunately we missed Voiski ( who played just around the corner in Les Caves. I love him very much as a musician as well as a person (we did spend a lot of time together at the Unlimited Festival 2017).

Day 3 Stephan Bodzin or not?

On day 3 we wanted to see Stephan Bodzin ( which we didn’t do (sad face).

Day 4 Skyway and Agoria, what a mixture <3

Anyway, moving on to day 4 we went to Skyway Monte Bianco ( to see Agoria ( Sure enough he played an amazing set at one of the most amazing places on planet earth. Look at this:

Sorry for the bad quality, i didn’t find a better picture yet. After this amazing adventure in Italy we went back to see and listen to the end of the set from Michel Cleis ( He played one of the best tracks of the whole festival at the very end of his set at the pool. It’s his and it’s going to be released soon he said. Wait for it, it’ll blow your mind, heart and soul.

Day 5 pool party with Dj Spen and my gig with Freddy K

First we planned to see Konstantin Sibold ( somwhere up in the mountains in Italy but we over slept (lol). When we got up, we went to the Hotel Refuge des Aiglons (some of you remember my 7×7 series which i recorded there) to their amazing pool to listen to Dj Spen ( spin (Dj humor… twinkle). That dude was playing some dope pumping House tunes, if ever you got the chance to see him, DO IT!

Later that day we went to Les Caves Chamonix ( i took half an hour to talk to people and make a little soundcheck. I started my gig off with some tracks i love to get into the zone and went some fun places afterward. Freddy K ( showed up 1 hour before his gig which i consider a “real Dj” move. Here’s the thing, he’s a superstar in my book. I saw some of his shows on red light radio Amsterdam ( in order to get to know him. What completely blew my mind was that he did exactly the same thing… He listened to my music on Soundcloud (saw it in the statistics) in order to know me and my style a little better. He’s a professional and i love the fact that he does his homework.

The patience Freddy K has…

Another thing is that he played strict vinyl the whole time although some people danced “a little” to uncontrolled and bumped into the table a lot which made the needle skip on the record. He stayed cool, i would have lost my temper after the 5th time i guess. What a legend…

Recorded my gig and here it is:

The end of the whole festival for us…

…was when at midnight it was the birthday from Michelle. We got some bottles of Champagne and celebrated with some friends and Fredd K’s girlfriend. Fun was had.

Listen to my 7×7 series here:

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