Clubhouse app what do you think? (also -> 2 invites to give away)

Hey fellow humans, did you hear about the App Clubhouse? It’s kind of an interactive Podcast app. People create so called rooms (kind of a group call) and share a “stage”. On the stage there are the moderators and the people who “raise their hands” (everyone who listens in can raise their hand) can be invited on stage. There are permanently multiple talks going on, some funny, some educational and some philosophical.

On it since 2 days and…

…loving it. I did just listen to talks and try to learn how it all works but so far it’s interesting. I do listen on different languages and all rooms are similar. People are helping one another out with problems, everyone is polite and speech is quite free. I did just encounter one try to blame someone for racism because of a joke but the community did set the record straight and it didn’t fly. I like the fact that one has not to restrict to much while speaking ones mind.

2 invites to give away.

Just send a mail to karim@enlin.de and if you’re lucky you get the invite 😉

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